1. This graphic took recent news and ongoing known problems in a globalising world and, using a recently refreshed interest in Soft System Modelling, formed a model and systemic loop - through assembling the initial factors: the capitalised text areas.
  2. I then identified these factors as obeying some sort of cyclic dependency as one valid perspective, then chasing its tail around a central fact born in the 1980s, when the banks and financial markets were deregulated.

Loop of Rise of Populism

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**Deregulation was famously championed by President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher. Now un-hyphenated, it brought about an unprecedented period of growth for what came to be called Global Capitalism. The post-Depression Keynsian economics was displaced by Friedman's Free Market economics and later, Neo-liberal ideas.

If the central cause for this loop is taken to be the deregulation which opened borders to a flow of capital, people and goods, each of my seven text areas seemed linked to deregulation via the double arrows, and these tended to contain complementary terms or singular statements of relationship, when expressed. One might see the double arrows to the centre as issues which should have been addressed for Global Capitalism NOT to lead to its alter ego - Protectionism. In retrospect, these issues could have been addressed but the central picture of reality held by those who held any power to enforce or concede to them (so as to head-off future problems) could not or would not change their attitudes in the face of an apparently unstoppable success. One must look to the way systems work to explain how all prevailing views must be succeeded, and the pain of sudden uncertainty is the price of just waiting for it to happen. 

There is now a war in heaven, an excellent way of characterising a transitional period in which outcomes are not clearly for Protectionism or against Globalisation but the world's thinking of whatever persuasion will change, perhaps to address issues or at least adjust expectations.